Ladysmith Pilates Studio

Body Resource Studio is currently offering One on One Pilates Mat and machine work on the various Pilates resistance equipment. We presently have an openings for private session clients.  Please inquire via our Contact Page.

Located in downtown Ladysmith, Body Resource Studio specializes in private Pilates mat and machine exercise. Our studio is equipped with a full range of professional Pilates equipment supporting the training the we provide to our clients.

What to Expect

In the first Pilates class, a new client will experience work on both the mat and the “Reformer”More…

About Us

JoyAnn Ramsay has been teaching her clients all about Pilates for over 25 years, with extensive Pilates training in Canada and the US…More…

Our Style

The foundation of Pilates is to keep the body’s centre, controlled and strong, ensuring that the back is protected….More…

JoyAnn Ramsay is a Master Pilates Instructor with over 25 years of experience restoring and training bodies of all ages and types.

She has extensive knowledge and experience, working with women and men who want to be better fit or have experienced injuries and are on the road to recovery. She also works with clients who have diverse needs such as those who want to gain greater skill with their athletic sports; from marathon runners to hockey players, injured professional dancers and athletes, and people with mobility and postural problems.

By appointment only.

  • Pilates has helped my body regain its reliability and brought confidence and calmness to my mental state of being through safe exercises.–Caroline Sicard, dancer