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Promotions for November

Body Resource Studio is currently offering One on One Pilates Mat and machine work on the various Pilates resistance equipment.

We presently have an opening for 2 private session clients to begin later in Nov.  Please inquire via our Contact Page.



The best benefits of Pilates comes through private instruction. I recommend 5 private classes before joining the group classes.

Please contact JoyAnn through the contact page to register

Group Classes

Pilates Group Mat Fundamentals (101)


This program will focus on Pilates exercises through:

  • Conscious use of breath
  • Pelvic floorawareness of the  superficial pelvic floor  muscles and the  deeper thicker muscles of the Pelvic Diaphragm for  optimum 
  • Strengthening ,lengthening back muscles targeting the lower back muscles to support pelvic stability.
  • Developmental awareness of shoulder girdle stability, focusing on the integrating synergy of the upper and lower body for  efficient ease and fluidity through movement.
  • Now its time for your body to mentally and spiritually integrate the work you have just done
  • Concluding each class with some relaxation and focus. May include slow gliding  movements that are simple and enjoyable, listening to calming words, music or going through short guided meditation.
  • This is the moment when transformation occurs, your body, mind and spirit unite.

The movements are fun, invigorating, and can be challenging.

  • I do Pilates for Life– Len Freidman, American Helicopter Pilot

Pilates Group Mat Flow Class (102)

Prerequisite:  Pilates Fundamentals (see above) or equivalent Pilates mat experience


  • This program will focus on Pilates mat exercises that flow seamlessly from one exercise to the next.
  • The flow sequences are invigorating and challenging for all levels, which embody the principals of flow – organized to work the entire body.
  • The idea is to view the mat work as one continuous movement, starting with the first breath and ending with the final movement.
  • Now it is time for your body to mentally and spiritually integrate the work you have just done.
  • We conclude this class with a  inward focus- relaxation. 
  • To find your body’s inherent ability to stabilize the spine back and pelvis in a neutral position.
  • Find length and softness in your body
  • Awareness of your  cranial sacral looping connection
  • And so much more

Energy flows where your attention goes. 
This is the moment when transformation occurs, your body mind and spirit unite..

  • I invite you to join us in your dance of life!– JoyAnn Ramsay

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