Crystal Sound Baths

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Mikeoula has been working in the field of sound healing for over 20 years on Vancouver Island, offering her services in a wide range of venues, and with a variety of instruments. Using crystal singing bowls, voice, keyboards and guitar she co- creates safe and sacred space for her audience. Please refer to her website here.

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Sound baths with crystal singing bowls are becoming increasingly popular as people experience their healing tones. The pure sounds of the bowls help facilitate shifts in the brainwave state, providing a stable frequency to which brainwaves can attune. The person receiving the sounds is then able to down-shift through levels of consciousness, ideally moving through alpha (relaxed) to theta (meditative) and finally to delta (sleep). Many participants do acutally fall asleep and awaken feeling refreshed and completely relaxed.

Modern science and medicine continue to confirm the benefits of sound healing and it’s capacity to help with such conditions as stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, autism, sleep disorders and pain. When an individual is willing and prepared to receive the sound of the crystal singing bowls, for example, by lying down or sitting still and slowing one’s breath, the notes from the bowls help create pathways to a place of stillness within. This inner space is where healing can occur and blockages can be dissolved. In her experience, Mikeoula has had many clients express the absence of pain and discomfort while the bowls are playing and often afterwards.

The frequencies of the bowls work with the auditory system to help restore balance to both the subtle/energetic and physical body or, if you prefer, body, mind and spirit. Each person’s experience of the crystal singing bowls is unique and the bowls themselves never play the same way twice. As with all forms of energy work, the effect of the bowls will go as deeply as one allows. Mikeoula asks only that you come with an open mind and a willing spirit..


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